Commit 39e0d19e authored by Michael Hanselmann's avatar Michael Hanselmann
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Remove references to YAML

I forgot to remove these when converting the QA configuration from YAML
to JSON.

Reviewed-by: ultrotter
parent 0043d734
......@@ -37,8 +37,6 @@ Before installing, please verify that you have the following programs:
- pyparsing Python module
For testing, you also need the YAML module for Python (
For building from source, you also need tar, gzip or bzip2 and make.
......@@ -146,7 +146,7 @@ EXTRA_DIST = \
man/footer.sgml \
$(mansgml) \
qa/ \
qa/qa-sample.yaml \
qa/qa-sample.json \
qa/ \
qa/ \
qa/ \
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