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Add automated disk repair changes to design doc

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......@@ -285,6 +285,65 @@ handle both cases. The default kvm vif script will be changed to do so. (Xen
doesn't have a ganeti provided script, so nothing will be done for that
Automated disk repairs infrastructure
Replacing defective disks in an automated fashion is quite difficult with the
current version of Ganeti. These changes will introduce additional
functionality and interfaces to simplify automating disk replacements on a
Ganeti node.
Fix node volume group
This is the most difficult addition, as it can lead to dataloss if it's not
properly safeguarded.
The operation must be done only when all the other nodes that have instances in
common with the target node are fine, i.e. this is the only node with problems,
and also we have to double-check that all instances on this node have at least
a good copy of the data.
This might mean that we have to enhance the GetMirrorStatus calls, and
introduce and a smarter version that can tell us more about the status of an
Stop allocation on a given PV
This is somewhat simple. First we need a "list PVs" opcode (and its associated
logical unit) and then a set PV status opcode/LU. These in combination should
allow both checking and changing the disk/PV status.
Instance disk status
This new opcode or opcode change must list the instance-disk-index and node
combinations of the instance together with their status. This will allow
determining what part of the instance is broken (if any).
Repair instance
This new opcode/LU/RAPI call will run ``replace-disks -p`` as needed, in order
to fix the instance status. It only affects primary instances; secondaries can
just be moved away.
Migrate node
This new opcode/LU/RAPI call will take over the current ``gnt-node migrate``
code and run migrate for all instances on the node.
Evacuate node
This new opcode/LU/RAPI call will take over the current ``gnt-node evacuate``
code and run replace-secondary with an iallocator script for all instances on
the node.
External interface changes
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