Commit 313bcead authored by Iustin Pop's avatar Iustin Pop
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Add OPMoveInstance and LUMoveInstance

This patch adds a basic version of LUMoveInstance. It doesn't yet
support iallocator-mode and it's implemented in old-style (non-TL) mode.
Signed-off-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarMichael Hanselmann <>
parent 621b7678
......@@ -4369,6 +4369,181 @@ class LUMigrateInstance(LogicalUnit):
return env, nl, nl
class LUMoveInstance(LogicalUnit):
"""Move an instance by data-copying.
HPATH = "instance-move"
_OP_REQP = ["instance_name", "target_node"]
REQ_BGL = False
def ExpandNames(self):
target_node = self.cfg.ExpandNodeName(self.op.target_node)
if target_node is None:
raise errors.OpPrereqError("Node '%s' not known" %
self.op.target_node = target_node
self.needed_locks[locking.LEVEL_NODE] = [target_node]
self.recalculate_locks[locking.LEVEL_NODE] = constants.LOCKS_APPEND
def DeclareLocks(self, level):
if level == locking.LEVEL_NODE:
def BuildHooksEnv(self):
"""Build hooks env.
This runs on master, primary and secondary nodes of the instance.
env = {
"TARGET_NODE": self.op.target_node,
env.update(_BuildInstanceHookEnvByObject(self, self.instance))
nl = [self.cfg.GetMasterNode()] + [self.instance.primary_node,
return env, nl, nl
def CheckPrereq(self):
"""Check prerequisites.
This checks that the instance is in the cluster.
self.instance = instance = self.cfg.GetInstanceInfo(self.op.instance_name)
assert self.instance is not None, \
"Cannot retrieve locked instance %s" % self.op.instance_name
node = self.cfg.GetNodeInfo(self.op.target_node)
assert node is not None, \
"Cannot retrieve locked node %s" % self.op.target_node
self.target_node = target_node =
if target_node == instance.primary_node:
raise errors.OpPrereqError("Instance %s is already on the node %s" %
(, target_node))
bep = self.cfg.GetClusterInfo().FillBE(instance)
for idx, dsk in enumerate(instance.disks):
if dsk.dev_type not in (constants.LD_LV, constants.LD_FILE):
raise errors.OpPrereqError("Instance disk %d has a complex layout,"
" cannot copy")
_CheckNodeOnline(self, target_node)
_CheckNodeNotDrained(self, target_node)
if instance.admin_up:
# check memory requirements on the secondary node
_CheckNodeFreeMemory(self, target_node, "failing over instance %s" %, bep[constants.BE_MEMORY],
self.LogInfo("Not checking memory on the secondary node as"
" instance will not be started")
# check bridge existance
_CheckInstanceBridgesExist(self, instance, node=target_node)
def Exec(self, feedback_fn):
"""Move an instance.
The move is done by shutting it down on its present node, copying
the data over (slow) and starting it on the new node.
instance = self.instance
source_node = instance.primary_node
target_node = self.target_node
self.LogInfo("Shutting down instance %s on source node %s",, source_node)
result = self.rpc.call_instance_shutdown(source_node, instance)
msg = result.fail_msg
if msg:
if self.op.ignore_consistency:
self.proc.LogWarning("Could not shutdown instance %s on node %s."
" Proceeding anyway. Please make sure node"
" %s is down. Error details: %s",, source_node, source_node, msg)
raise errors.OpExecError("Could not shutdown instance %s on"
" node %s: %s" %
(, source_node, msg))
# create the target disks
_CreateDisks(self, instance, target_node=target_node)
except errors.OpExecError:
self.LogWarning("Device creation failed, reverting...")
_RemoveDisks(self, instance, target_node=target_node)
cluster_name = self.cfg.GetClusterInfo().cluster_name
errs = []
# activate, get path, copy the data over
for idx, disk in enumerate(instance.disks):
self.LogInfo("Copying data for disk %d", idx)
result = self.rpc.call_blockdev_assemble(target_node, disk,, True)
if result.fail_msg:
self.LogWarning("Can't assemble newly created disk %d: %s",
idx, result.fail_msg)
dev_path = result.payload
result = self.rpc.call_blockdev_export(source_node, disk,
target_node, dev_path,
if result.fail_msg:
self.LogWarning("Can't copy data over for disk %d: %s",
idx, result.fail_msg)
if errs:
self.LogWarning("Some disks failed to copy, aborting")
_RemoveDisks(self, instance, target_node=target_node)
raise errors.OpExecError("Errors during disk copy: %s" %
instance.primary_node = target_node
self.LogInfo("Removing the disks on the original node")
_RemoveDisks(self, instance, target_node=source_node)
# Only start the instance if it's marked as up
if instance.admin_up:
self.LogInfo("Starting instance %s on node %s",, target_node)
disks_ok, _ = _AssembleInstanceDisks(self, instance,
if not disks_ok:
_ShutdownInstanceDisks(self, instance)
raise errors.OpExecError("Can't activate the instance's disks")
result = self.rpc.call_instance_start(target_node, instance, None, None)
msg = result.fail_msg
if msg:
_ShutdownInstanceDisks(self, instance)
raise errors.OpExecError("Could not start instance %s on node %s: %s" %
(, target_node, msg))
class LUMigrateNode(LogicalUnit):
"""Migrate all instances from a node.
......@@ -78,6 +78,7 @@ class Processor(object):
opcodes.OpRecreateInstanceDisks: cmdlib.LURecreateInstanceDisks,
opcodes.OpFailoverInstance: cmdlib.LUFailoverInstance,
opcodes.OpMigrateInstance: cmdlib.LUMigrateInstance,
opcodes.OpMoveInstance: cmdlib.LUMoveInstance,
opcodes.OpConnectConsole: cmdlib.LUConnectConsole,
opcodes.OpQueryInstances: cmdlib.LUQueryInstances,
opcodes.OpQueryInstanceData: cmdlib.LUQueryInstanceData,
......@@ -530,6 +530,21 @@ class OpMigrateInstance(OpCode):
__slots__ = OpCode.__slots__ + ["instance_name", "live", "cleanup"]
class OpMoveInstance(OpCode):
"""Move an instance.
This move (with shutting down an instance and data copying) to an
arbitrary node.
@ivar instance_name: the name of the instance
@ivar target_node: the destination node
OP_DSC_FIELD = "instance_name"
__slots__ = OpCode.__slots__ + ["instance_name", "target_node"]
class OpConnectConsole(OpCode):
"""Connect to an instance's console."""
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