Commit 310a8944 authored by René Nussbaumer's avatar René Nussbaumer
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Adding host key verification to setup-ssh

Signed-off-by: default avatarRené Nussbaumer <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarMichael Hanselmann <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
parent 33993ab8
......@@ -177,6 +177,7 @@ def ParseOptions():
" <node...>"), prog=program)
default_key = ssh.GetUserFiles(constants.GANETI_RUNAS)[0]
parser.add_option(optparse.Option("-f", dest="private_key",
......@@ -296,6 +297,22 @@ def LoginViaKeys(transport, username, keys):
return False
def LoadKnownHosts():
"""Loads the known hosts
@return L{paramiko.util.load_host_keys} dict
homedir = utils.GetHomeDir(constants.GANETI_RUNAS)
known_hosts = os.path.join(homedir, ".ssh", "known_hosts")
return paramiko.util.load_host_keys(known_hosts)
except EnvironmentError:
# We didn't found the path, silently ignore and return an empty dict
return {}
def main():
"""Main routine.
......@@ -309,6 +326,7 @@ def main():
passwd = None
username = constants.GANETI_RUNAS
ssh_port = netutils.GetDaemonPort("ssh")
host_keys = LoadKnownHosts()
# Below, we need to join() the transport objects, as otherwise the
# following happens:
......@@ -322,6 +340,28 @@ def main():
for host in args:
transport = paramiko.Transport((host, ssh_port))
server_key = transport.get_remote_server_key()
keytype = server_key.get_name()
our_server_key = host_keys.get(host, {}).get(keytype, None)
if options.ssh_key_check:
if not our_server_key:
hexified_key = ssh.FormatParamikoFingerprint(
msg = ("Unable to verify hostkey of host %s: %s. Do you want to accept"
" it?" % (host, hexified_key))
if cli.AskUser(msg):
our_server_key = server_key
if our_server_key != server_key:
logging.error("Unable to verify identity of host. Aborting")
# TODO: Run over all hosts, fetch the keys and let them verify from the
# user beforehand then proceed with actual work later on
raise paramiko.SSHException("Unable to verify identity of host")
if LoginViaKeys(transport, username, all_keys):"Authenticated to %s via public key", host)
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