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Update NEWS file for the 0.1.6 release

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Version 0.1.6 (Wed, 19 Aug 2009):
- Added support for Luxi (the native Ganeti protocol)
- Added support for simulated clusters (for hspace only)
- Added timeouts for the RAPI backend
- Fixed a few inconsistencies in the command line handling
- Fixed handling of errors while loading data
- The 'network' is a new dependency due to the Luxi addition
Version 0.1.5 (Thu, 09 Jul 2009):
- Removed obsolete hn1 program; this allowed removal of a lot of
supporting code
......@@ -93,8 +93,9 @@ If installing from source, you need a working ghc compiler (6.8 at
least) and some extra Haskell libraries which usually need to be
installed manually:
- json (
- curl (
- json (
- curl (
- network (
Once these are installed, just typing *make* in the top-level
directory should be enough.
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