Commit 2d6b5414 authored by Michael Hanselmann's avatar Michael Hanselmann
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daemon: Support clean daemon shutdown

Instead of aborting the main loop as soon as a fatal signal (SIGTERM or
SIGINT) is received, additional logic allows waiting for tasks to finish
while I/O is still being processed.

If no callback function is provided the old behaviour--shutting down
on the first signal--is preserved.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMichael Hanselmann <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
parent f5acf5d9
......@@ -457,6 +457,47 @@ class AsyncAwaker(GanetiBaseAsyncoreDispatcher):
class _ShutdownCheck:
"""Logic for L{Mainloop} shutdown.
def __init__(self, fn):
"""Initializes this class.
@type fn: callable
@param fn: Function returning C{None} if mainloop can be stopped or a
duration in seconds after which the function should be called again
@see: L{Mainloop.Run}
assert callable(fn)
self._fn = fn
self._defer = None
def CanShutdown(self):
"""Checks whether mainloop can be stopped.
@rtype: bool
if self._defer and self._defer.Remaining() > 0:
# A deferred check has already been scheduled
return False
# Ask mainloop driver whether we can stop or should check again
timeout = self._fn()
if timeout is None:
# Yes, can stop mainloop
return True
# Schedule another check in the future
self._defer = utils.RunningTimeout(timeout, True)
return False
class Mainloop(object):
"""Generic mainloop for daemons
......@@ -464,6 +505,8 @@ class Mainloop(object):
timed events
_SHUTDOWN_TIMEOUT_PRIORITY = -(sys.maxint - 1)
def __init__(self):
"""Constructs a new Mainloop instance.
......@@ -477,9 +520,13 @@ class Mainloop(object):
def Run(self, signal_handlers=None):
def Run(self, shutdown_wait_fn=None, signal_handlers=None):
"""Runs the mainloop.
@type shutdown_wait_fn: callable
@param shutdown_wait_fn: Function to check whether loop can be terminated;
B{important}: function must be idempotent and must return either None
for shutting down or a timeout for another call
@type signal_handlers: dict
@param signal_handlers: signal->L{utils.SignalHandler} passed by decorator
......@@ -491,15 +538,38 @@ class Mainloop(object):
# Counter for received signals
shutdown_signals = 0
# Logic to wait for shutdown
shutdown_waiter = None
# Start actual main loop
while shutdown_signals < 1:
if not self.scheduler.empty():
while True:
if shutdown_signals == 1 and shutdown_wait_fn is not None:
if shutdown_waiter is None:
shutdown_waiter = _ShutdownCheck(shutdown_wait_fn)
# Let mainloop driver decide if we can already abort
if shutdown_waiter.CanShutdown():
# Re-evaluate in a second
timeout = 1.0
elif shutdown_signals >= 1:
# Abort loop if more than one signal has been sent or no callback has
# been given
# Wait forever on I/O events
timeout = None
if self.scheduler.empty():
asyncore.loop(count=1, timeout=timeout, use_poll=True)
except SchedulerBreakout:
asyncore.loop(count=1, use_poll=True)
# Check whether a signal was raised
for (sig, handler) in signal_handlers.items():
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