Commit 28aedbc1 authored by Andrea Spadaccini's avatar Andrea Spadaccini
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Add master IP turnup and turndown hooks

Reviewed-by: default avatarMichael Hanselmann <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarAndrea Spadaccini <>
parent 20d38e8a
......@@ -278,6 +278,21 @@ def RunLocalHooks(hook_opcode, hooks_path, env_builder_fn):
return decorator
def _BuildMasterIpHookEnv():
"""Builds environment variables for master IP hooks.
cfg = _GetConfig()
env = {
"MASTER_NETDEV": cfg.GetMasterNetdev(),
"MASTER_IP": cfg.GetMasterIP(),
return env
@RunLocalHooks(constants.FAKE_OP_MASTER_TURNUP, "master-ip-turnup",
def ActivateMasterIp():
"""Activate the IP address of the master daemon.
......@@ -349,6 +364,8 @@ def StartMasterDaemons(no_voting):
@RunLocalHooks(constants.FAKE_OP_MASTER_TURNDOWN, "master-ip-turndown",
def DeactivateMasterIp():
"""Deactivate the master IP on this node.
......@@ -1533,3 +1533,8 @@ BLOCKDEV_DRIVER_MANUAL = "manual"
HTOOLS = _autoconf.HTOOLS
# The hail iallocator
IALLOC_HAIL = "hail"
# Fake opcodes for functions that have hooks attached to them via
# backend.RunLocalHooks
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