Commit 2771835c authored by Michael Hanselmann's avatar Michael Hanselmann
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RAPI QA: Use RAPI client

Signed-off-by: default avatarMichael Hanselmann <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
parent 502f5236
......@@ -281,10 +281,13 @@ def main():
rapi_user = "ganeti-qa"
rapi_secret = utils.GenerateSecret()
qa_rapi.OpenerFactory.SetCredentials(rapi_user, rapi_secret)
SetupCluster(rapi_user, rapi_secret)
# Load RAPI certificate
qa_rapi.Setup(rapi_user, rapi_secret)
......@@ -22,12 +22,17 @@
import urllib2
import tempfile
from ganeti import utils
from ganeti import constants
from ganeti import errors
from ganeti import serializer
from ganeti import cli
from ganeti import rapi
import ganeti.rapi.client
import ganeti.rapi.client_utils
import qa_config
import qa_utils
......@@ -37,58 +42,38 @@ from qa_utils import (AssertEqual, AssertNotEqual, AssertIn, AssertMatch,
class OpenerFactory:
"""A factory singleton to construct urllib opener chain.
This is needed because qa_config is not initialized yet at module load time
_opener = None
_rapi_user = None
_rapi_secret = None
def SetCredentials(cls, rapi_user, rapi_secret):
"""Set the credentials for authorized access.
cls._rapi_user = rapi_user
cls._rapi_secret = rapi_secret
_rapi_ca = None
_rapi_client = None
def Opener(cls):
"""Construct the opener if not yet done.
if not cls._opener:
if not cls._rapi_user or not cls._rapi_secret:
raise errors.ProgrammerError("SetCredentials was never called.")
def Setup(username, password):
"""Configures the RAPI client.
# Create opener which doesn't try to look for proxies and does auth
master = qa_config.GetMasterNode()
host = master["primary"]
port = qa_config.get("rapi-port", default=constants.DEFAULT_RAPI_PORT)
passman = urllib2.HTTPPasswordMgrWithDefaultRealm()
passman.add_password(None, 'https://%s:%s' % (host, port),
authhandler = urllib2.HTTPBasicAuthHandler(passman)
cls._opener = urllib2.build_opener(urllib2.ProxyHandler({}), authhandler)
global _rapi_ca
global _rapi_client
return cls._opener
master = qa_config.GetMasterNode()
# Load RAPI certificate from master node
cmd = ["cat", constants.RAPI_CERT_FILE]
class RapiRequest(urllib2.Request):
"""This class supports other methods beside GET/POST.
# Write to temporary file
_rapi_ca = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile()
port = qa_config.get("rapi-port", default=constants.DEFAULT_RAPI_PORT)
cfg_ssl = rapi.client.CertAuthorityVerify(
def __init__(self, method, url, headers, data):
urllib2.Request.__init__(self, url, data=data, headers=headers)
self._method = method
_rapi_client = rapi.client.GanetiRapiClient(master["primary"], port=port,
def get_method(self):
return self._method
print "RAPI protocol version: %s" % _rapi_client.GetVersion()
INSTANCE_FIELDS = ("name", "os", "pnode", "snodes",
......@@ -119,43 +104,12 @@ def Enabled():
def _DoTests(uris):
master = qa_config.GetMasterNode()
host = master["primary"]
port = qa_config.get("rapi-port", default=constants.DEFAULT_RAPI_PORT)
results = []
for uri, verify, method, body in uris:
assert uri.startswith("/")
url = "https://%s:%s%s" % (host, port, uri)
headers = {}
if body:
data = serializer.DumpJson(body, indent=False)
headers["Content-Type"] = "application/json"
data = None
if headers or data:
details = []
if headers:
details.append("headers=%s" %
serializer.DumpJson(headers, indent=False).rstrip())
if data:
details.append("data=%s" % data.rstrip())
info = "(%s)" % (", ".join(details), )
info = ""
print "Testing %s %s %s..." % (method, url, info)
req = RapiRequest(method, url, headers, data)
response = OpenerFactory.Opener().open(req)
AssertEqual(["Content-type"], "application/json")
data = serializer.LoadJson(
data = _rapi_client._SendRequest(method, uri, None, body)
if verify is not None:
if callable(verify):
......@@ -305,10 +259,7 @@ def _WaitForRapiJob(job_id):
("/2/jobs/%s" % job_id, _VerifyJob, "GET", None),
# FIXME: Use "gnt-job watch" until RAPI supports waiting for job
cmd = ["gnt-job", "watch", str(job_id)]
utils.ShellQuoteArgs(cmd)).wait(), 0)
rapi.client_utils.PollJob(_rapi_client, job_id, cli.StdioJobPollReportCb())
def TestRapiInstanceAdd(node):
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