Commit 2632795d authored by Manuel Franceschini's avatar Manuel Franceschini
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Add function to retrieve family of an ip address

Signed-off-by: default avatarManuel Franceschini <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarGuido Trotter <>
parent c0c3fa27
......@@ -1352,6 +1352,24 @@ def IsValidIP(ip):
return IsValidIP4(ip) or IsValidIP6(ip)
def GetAddressFamily(ip):
"""Get the address family of the given address.
@type ip: str
@param ip: ip address whose family will be returned
@rtype: int
@return: socket.AF_INET or socket.AF_INET6
@raise errors.GenericError: for invalid addresses
if IsValidIP6(ip):
return socket.AF_INET6
elif IsValidIP4(ip):
return socket.AF_INET
raise errors.GenericError("Address %s not valid" % ip)
def IsValidShellParam(word):
"""Verifies is the given word is safe from the shell's p.o.v.
......@@ -2464,5 +2464,15 @@ class TestIsValidIP(unittest.TestCase):
class TestGetAddressFamily(unittest.TestCase):
def test(self):
self.assertEqual(utils.GetAddressFamily(""), socket.AF_INET)
self.assertEqual(utils.GetAddressFamily(""), socket.AF_INET)
self.assertEqual(utils.GetAddressFamily("::1"), socket.AF_INET6)
self.assertRaises(errors.GenericError, utils.GetAddressFamily, "0")
if __name__ == '__main__':
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