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Import: networks

Signed-off-by: default avatarAgata Murawska <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarMichael Hanselmann <>
parent 99381e3b
......@@ -208,6 +208,27 @@ class OVFReader(object):
return elem
return None
def _GetElementMatchingText(self, path, match_text):
"""Searches for element on a path that matches certain text value.
Function follows the path from root node to the desired tags using path,
then searches for the first one matching the text value.
@type path: string
@param path: path of nodes to visit
@type match_text: tuple
@param match_text: pair (node, text) for which we search
@rtype: ET.ElementTree or None
@return: first element matching match_text or None if nothing matches
potential_elements = self.tree.findall(path)
(node, text) = match_text
for elem in potential_elements:
if elem.findtext(node) == text:
return elem
return None
def _GetDictParameters(root, schema):
"""Reads text in all children and creates the dictionary from the contents.
......@@ -279,6 +300,76 @@ class OVFReader(object):
return self.tree.findtext(find_template)
def GetNetworkData(self):
"""Provides data about the network in the OVF instance.
The method gathers the data about networks used by OVF instance. It assumes
that 'name' tag means something - in essence, if it contains one of the
words 'bridged' or 'routed' then that will be the mode of this network in
Ganeti. The information about the network can be either in GanetiSection or
@rtype: dict
@return: dictionary containing all the network information
results = {}
networks_search = ("{%s}NetworkSection/{%s}Network" %
network_names = self._GetAttributes(networks_search,
"{%s}name" % OVF_SCHEMA)
required = ["ip", "mac", "link", "mode"]
for (counter, network_name) in enumerate(network_names):
network_search = ("{%s}VirtualSystem/{%s}VirtualHardwareSection/{%s}Item"
ganeti_search = ("{%s}GanetiSection/{%s}Network/{%s}Nic" %
network_match = ("{%s}Connection" % RASD_SCHEMA, network_name)
ganeti_match = ("{%s}name" % OVF_SCHEMA, network_name)
network_data = self._GetElementMatchingText(network_search, network_match)
network_ganeti_data = self._GetElementMatchingAttr(ganeti_search,
ganeti_data = {}
if network_ganeti_data:
ganeti_data["mode"] = network_ganeti_data.findtext("{%s}Mode" %
ganeti_data["mac"] = network_ganeti_data.findtext("{%s}MACAddress" %
ganeti_data["ip"] = network_ganeti_data.findtext("{%s}IPAddress" %
ganeti_data["link"] = network_ganeti_data.findtext("{%s}Link" %
mac_data = None
if network_data:
mac_data = network_data.findtext("{%s}Address" % RASD_SCHEMA)
network_name = network_name.lower()
# First, some not Ganeti-specific information is collected
if constants.NIC_MODE_BRIDGED in network_name:
results["nic%s_mode" % counter] = "bridged"
elif constants.NIC_MODE_ROUTED in network_name:
results["nic%s_mode" % counter] = "routed"
results["nic%s_mac" % counter] = mac_data
# GanetiSection data overrides 'manually' collected data
for name, value in ganeti_data.iteritems():
results["nic%s_%s" % (counter, name)] = value
# Bridged network has no IP - unless specifically stated otherwise
if (results.get("nic%s_mode" % counter) == "bridged" and
not results.get("nic%s_ip" % counter)):
results["nic%s_ip" % counter] = constants.VALUE_NONE
for option in required:
if not results.get("nic%s_%s" % (counter, option)):
results["nic%s_%s" % (counter, option)] = constants.VALUE_AUTO
if network_names:
results["nic_count"] = str(len(network_names))
return results
def GetDisksNames(self):
"""Provides list of file names for the disks used by the instance.
......@@ -491,6 +582,9 @@ class OVFImporter(Converter):
@type results_template: string
@ivar results_template: disk template read from .ovf file or command line
@type results_network: dict
@ivar results_network: network information gathered from .ovf file or command
line arguments
@type results_disk: dict
@ivar results_disk: disk information gathered from .ovf file or command line
......@@ -612,10 +706,18 @@ class OVFImporter(Converter):
if not self.results_template:"Disk template not given")
self.results_network = self._GetInfo("network", self.options.nics,
self._ParseNicOptions, self.ovf_reader.GetNetworkData,
self.results_disk = self._GetInfo("disk", self.options.disks,
self._ParseDiskOptions, self._GetDiskInfo,
ignore_test=self.results_template == constants.DT_DISKLESS)
if not self.results_disk and not self.results_network:
raise errors.OpPrereqError("Either disk specification or network"
" description must be present")
def _GetInfo(name, cmd_arg, cmd_function, nocmd_function,
......@@ -662,6 +764,28 @@ class OVFImporter(Converter):
return self.options.disk_template
def _ParseNicOptions(self):
"""Parses network options given in a command line or as a dictionary.
@rtype: dict
@return: dictionary of network-related options
assert self.options.nics
results = {}
for (nic_id, nic_desc) in self.options.nics:
results["nic%s_mode" % nic_id] = \
nic_desc.get("mode", constants.VALUE_AUTO)
results["nic%s_mac" % nic_id] = nic_desc.get("mac", constants.VALUE_AUTO)
results["nic%s_link" % nic_id] = \
nic_desc.get("link", constants.VALUE_AUTO)
if nic_desc.get("mode") == "bridged":
results["nic%s_ip" % nic_id] = constants.VALUE_NONE
results["nic%s_ip" % nic_id] = constants.VALUE_AUTO
results["nic_count"] = str(len(self.options.nics))
return results
def _ParseDiskOptions(self):
"""Parses disk options given in a command line.
......@@ -756,6 +880,7 @@ class OVFImporter(Converter):
results[constants.INISECT_INS]["name"] = self.results_name
if self.results_template:
results[constants.INISECT_INS]["disk_template"] = self.results_template
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