Commit 21d7df5f authored by Iustin Pop's avatar Iustin Pop
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_GetUpdatedParams: enhance value removal options

This patch adds controls for whether we recognize
constants.VALUE_DEFAULT or not as a default value, and also adds
dash-prefixes as another way for parameter removal.
Signed-off-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarGuido Trotter <>
parent 062a7100
......@@ -475,7 +475,8 @@ def _GetWantedInstances(lu, instances):
return wanted
def _GetUpdatedParams(old_params, update_dict):
def _GetUpdatedParams(old_params, update_dict,
use_default=True, use_none=False):
"""Return the new version of a parameter dictionary.
@type old_params: dict
......@@ -484,13 +485,20 @@ def _GetUpdatedParams(old_params, update_dict):
@param update_dict: dict containing new parameter values, or
constants.VALUE_DEFAULT to reset the parameter to its default
@param use_default: boolean
@type use_default: whether to recognise L{constants.VALUE_DEFAULT}
values as 'to be deleted' values
@param use_none: boolean
@type use_none: whether to recognise C{None} values as 'to be
deleted' values
@rtype: dict
@return: the new parameter dictionary
params_copy = copy.deepcopy(old_params)
for key, val in update_dict.iteritems():
if val == constants.VALUE_DEFAULT:
if ((use_default and val == constants.VALUE_DEFAULT) or
(use_none and val is None)):
del params_copy[key]
except KeyError:
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