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Adding design-doc for privilege separation work done on Ganeti 2.2

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......@@ -687,6 +687,37 @@ Miscellaneous notes
Privilege separation
Current state and shortcomings
All Ganeti daemons are run under the user root. This is not ideal from a
security perspective as for possible exploitation of any daemon the user
has full access to the system.
In order to overcome this situation we'll allow Ganeti to run its daemon
under different users and a dedicated group. This also will allow some
side effects, like letting the user run some ``gnt-*`` commands if one
is in the same group.
For Ganeti 2.2 the implementation will be focused on a the RAPI daemon
only. This involves changes to ```` so it's possible to drop
privileges on daemonize the process. Though, this will be a short term
solution which will be replaced by a privilege drop already on daemon
startup in Ganeti 2.3.
It also needs changes in the master daemon to create the socket with new
permissions/owners to allow RAPI access. There will be no other
permission/owner changes in the file structure as the RAPI daemon is
started with root permission. In that time it will read all needed files
and then drop privileges before contacting the master daemon.
Feature changes
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