Commit 1bc59f76 authored by Michael Hanselmann's avatar Michael Hanselmann
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Never remove job queue lock in node daemon

Otherwise, corruption could occur in some corner cases. E.g. when
LeaveNode is running in a child and is in the process of removing
queue files, the main process gets killed, started again and gets
a request to update the queue. This is rather extreme corner case,
but we should opt for safety.

Reviewed-by: iustinp
parent 36205981
......@@ -69,16 +69,11 @@ def _CleanDirectory(path, exclude=[]):
def _JobQueuePurge(keep_lock):
def JobQueuePurge():
"""Removes job queue files and archived jobs
if keep_lock:
exclude = [constants.JOB_QUEUE_LOCK_FILE]
exclude = []
_CleanDirectory(constants.QUEUE_DIR, exclude=exclude)
_CleanDirectory(constants.QUEUE_DIR, exclude=[constants.JOB_QUEUE_LOCK_FILE])
......@@ -211,9 +206,7 @@ def LeaveCluster():
# The lock can be removed because we're going to quit anyway.
priv_key, pub_key, auth_keys = ssh.GetUserFiles(constants.GANETI_RUNAS)
......@@ -1717,15 +1710,6 @@ def JobQueueUpdate(file_name, content):
return True
def JobQueuePurge():
"""Removes job queue files and archived jobs
# The lock must not be removed, otherwise another process could create
# it again.
return _JobQueuePurge(keep_lock=True)
def JobQueueRename(old, new):
"""Renames a job queue file.
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