Commit 1862d460 authored by Alexander Schreiber's avatar Alexander Schreiber
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Allow instance MAC address to be set.

Allow the MAC address of an instance to be specified optionally during
instance creation and later to be changed via instance modify.

Reviewed-by: iustinp
parent bf6fe28b
......@@ -2837,7 +2837,7 @@ class LUCreateInstance(LogicalUnit):
_OP_REQP = ["instance_name", "mem_size", "disk_size", "pnode",
"disk_template", "swap_size", "mode", "start", "vcpus",
"wait_for_sync", "ip_check"]
"wait_for_sync", "ip_check", "mac"]
def BuildHooksEnv(self):
"""Build hooks env.
......@@ -3013,6 +3013,12 @@ class LUCreateInstance(LogicalUnit):
raise errors.OpPrereqError("IP %s of instance %s already in use" %
(hostname1.ip, instance_name))
# MAC address verification
if self.op.mac != "auto":
if not utils.IsValidMac(self.op.mac.lower()):
raise errors.OpPrereqError("invalid MAC address specified: %s" %
# bridge verification
bridge = getattr(self.op, "bridge", None)
if bridge is None:
......@@ -3037,7 +3043,12 @@ class LUCreateInstance(LogicalUnit):
instance = self.op.instance_name
pnode_name =
nic = objects.NIC(bridge=self.op.bridge, mac=self.cfg.GenerateMAC())
if self.op.mac == "auto":
nic = objects.NIC(bridge=self.op.bridge, mac=mac_address)
if self.inst_ip is not None:
nic.ip = self.inst_ip
......@@ -4073,8 +4084,9 @@ class LUSetInstanceParms(LogicalUnit):
self.mem = getattr(self.op, "mem", None)
self.vcpus = getattr(self.op, "vcpus", None)
self.ip = getattr(self.op, "ip", None)
self.mac = getattr(self.op, "mac", None)
self.bridge = getattr(self.op, "bridge", None)
if [self.mem, self.vcpus, self.ip, self.bridge].count(None) == 4:
if [self.mem, self.vcpus, self.ip, self.bridge, self.mac].count(None) == 5:
raise errors.OpPrereqError("No changes submitted")
if self.mem is not None:
......@@ -4096,6 +4108,12 @@ class LUSetInstanceParms(LogicalUnit):
self.do_ip = False
self.do_bridge = (self.bridge is not None)
if self.mac is not None:
if self.cfg.IsMacInUse(self.mac):
raise errors.OpPrereqError('MAC address %s already in use in cluster' %
if not utils.IsValidMac(self.mac):
raise errors.OpPrereqError('Invalid MAC address %s' % self.mac)
instance = self.cfg.GetInstanceInfo(
......@@ -4125,6 +4143,9 @@ class LUSetInstanceParms(LogicalUnit):
if self.bridge:
instance.nics[0].bridge = self.bridge
result.append(("bridge", self.bridge))
if self.mac:
instance.nics[0].mac = self.mac
result.append(("mac", self.mac))
......@@ -96,6 +96,18 @@ class ConfigWriter:
raise errors.ConfigurationError("Can't generate unique MAC")
return mac
def IsMacInUse(self, mac):
"""Predicate: check if the specified MAC is in use in the Ganeti cluster.
This only checks instances managed by this cluster, it does not
check for potential collisions elsewhere.
all_macs = self._AllMACs()
return mac in all_macs
def _ComputeAllLVs(self):
"""Compute the list of all LVs.
......@@ -160,7 +160,7 @@ class OpCreateInstance(OpCode):
__slots__ = ["instance_name", "mem_size", "disk_size", "os_type", "pnode",
"disk_template", "snode", "swap_size", "mode",
"vcpus", "ip", "bridge", "src_node", "src_path", "start",
"wait_for_sync", "ip_check"]
"wait_for_sync", "ip_check", "mac"]
class OpReinstallInstance(OpCode):
......@@ -257,7 +257,7 @@ class OpQueryInstanceData(OpCode):
class OpSetInstanceParms(OpCode):
"""Change the parameters of an instance."""
__slots__ = ["instance_name", "mem", "vcpus", "ip", "bridge"]
__slots__ = ["instance_name", "mem", "vcpus", "ip", "bridge", "mac"]
# OS opcodes
......@@ -1055,3 +1055,13 @@ def UniqueSequence(seq):
seen = set()
return [i for i in seq if i not in seen and not seen.add(i)]
def IsValidMac(mac):
"""Predicate to check if a MAC address is valid.
Checks wether the supplied MAC address is formally correct, only
accepts colon separated format.
mac_check = re.compile("^([0-9a-f]{2}(:|$)){6}$")
return mac_check.match(mac) is not None
......@@ -226,7 +226,7 @@ def AddInstance(opts, args):
snode=snode, vcpus=opts.vcpus,
ip=opts.ip, bridge=opts.bridge,
start=opts.start, ip_check=opts.ip_check,
wait_for_sync=opts.wait_for_sync, mac=opts.mac)
return 0
......@@ -624,15 +624,16 @@ def SetInstanceParms(opts, args):
Opts used:
memory - the new memory size
vcpus - the new number of cpus
mac - the new MAC address of the instance
if not opts.mem and not opts.vcpus and not opts.ip and not opts.bridge:
if not (opts.mem or opts.vcpus or opts.ip or opts.bridge or opts.mac):
logger.ToStdout("Please give at least one of the parameters.")
return 1
op = opcodes.OpSetInstanceParms(instance_name=args[0], mem=opts.mem,
vcpus=opts.vcpus, ip=opts.ip,
bridge=opts.bridge, mac=opts.mac)
result = SubmitOpCode(op)
if result:
......@@ -701,6 +702,9 @@ add_opts = [
make_option("-i", "--ip", dest="ip",
help="IP address ('none' [default], 'auto', or specify address)",
default='none', type="string", metavar="<ADDRESS>"),
make_option("--mac", dest="mac",
help="MAC address ('auto' [default], or specify address)",
default='auto', type="string", metavar="<MACADDRESS>"),
make_option("--no-wait-for-sync", dest="wait_for_sync", default=True,
action="store_false", help="Don't wait for sync (DANGEROUS!)"),
make_option("-b", "--bridge", dest="bridge",
......@@ -808,6 +812,9 @@ commands = {
make_option("-b", "--bridge", dest="bridge",
help="Bridge to connect this instance to",
default=None, type="string", metavar="<bridge>"),
make_option("--mac", dest="mac",
help="MAC address", default=None,
type="string", metavar="<MACADDRESS>"),
"<instance>", "Alters the parameters of an instance"),
'shutdown': (ShutdownInstance, ARGS_ANY,
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