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Update NEWS for Ganeti 2.1.3

Signed-off-by: default avatarGuido Trotter <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
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Version 2.1.3
A medium sized development cycle. Some new features, and some
fixes/small improvements/cleanups.
Significant features
The node deamon now tries to mlock itself into memory, unless the
``--no-mlock`` flag is passed. It also doesn't fail if it can't write
its logs, and falls back to console logging. This allows emergency
features such as ``gnt-node powercycle`` to work even in the event of a
broken node disk (tested offlining the disk hosting the node's
filesystem and dropping its memory caches. don't try this at home)
KVM: add vhost-net acceleration support. It can be tested with a new
enough version of the kernel and of qemu-kvm.
KVM: Add instance chrooting feature. If you use privilege dropping for
your VMs you can also now force them to chroot to an empty directory,
before starting the emulated guest.
KVM: Add maximum migration bandwith and maximum downtime tweaking
support (requires a new-enough version of qemu-kvm).
Cluster verify will now warn if the master node doesn't have the master
ip configured on it.
Add a new (incompatible) instance creation request format to RAPI which
supports all parameters (previously only a subset was supported, and it
wasn't possible to extend the old format to accomodate all the new
features. The old format is still supported, and a client can check for
this feature, before using it, by checking for its presence in the
``features`` RAPI resource.
Now with ancient latin support. Try it passing the ``--roman`` option to
``gnt-instance info, gnt-cluster info or gnt-node list`` (requires the
python-roman module to be installed, in order to work).
Other changes
As usual many internal code refactorings, documentation updates, and
such. Among others:
- Lots of improvements and cleanups to the experimental Remote API
(RAPI) client library.
- A new unit test suite for the core daemon libraries.
- A fix to creating missing directories makes sure the umask is not
applied anymore. This enforces the same directory permissions
- Better handling terminating daemons with ctrl+c (used when running
them in debugging mode).
- Fix a race condition in live migrating a KVM instance, when stat()
on the old proc status file returned EINVAL, which is an unexpected
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