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Documentation fix for missing dependencies

I was getting into trouble with gnt-backup and discovered reading the
code of the debian-etch os image and the error logs that:
     1 - Debian os image shipped by ganeti depends on the availability
of dump and restore.

Based on that I had included in the section of "Installing the
Operating System support packages" the dependency of dump/restore and
the command to install dump/restore.

Author: Leonardo Rodrigues de Mello <>
Reviewed-by: iustinp
parent 246e180a
......@@ -626,18 +626,22 @@ mv instance-debian-etch-0.1 debian-etch
In order to use this OS definition, you need to have internet
access from your nodes and have <citerefentry>
access from your nodes and have the <citerefentry>
<manvolnum>8</manvolnum> </citerefentry> installed on all the
<manvolnum>8</manvolnum></citerefentry>, <citerefentry>
</citerefentry> and <citerefentry>
<manvolnum>8</manvolnum> </citerefentry> commands installed on
all nodes.
Use this command on all nodes to install
Use this command on all nodes to install the required
<screen>apt-get install debootstrap</screen>
<screen>apt-get install debootstrap dump</screen>
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