Commit 113b8d89 authored by Michael Hanselmann's avatar Michael Hanselmann
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Adapt QA tests for removed --secondary-node option.

parent 60d49723
......@@ -43,17 +43,16 @@ def _GetGenericAddParameters():
'--memory=%s' % qa_config.get('mem')]
def _DiskTest(node, args):
def _DiskTest(node, disk_template):
master = qa_config.GetMasterNode()
instance = qa_config.AcquireInstance()
cmd = (['gnt-instance', 'add',
'--os-type=%s' % qa_config.get('os'),
'--node=%s' % node['primary']] +
'--disk-template=%s' % disk_template,
'--node=%s' % node] +
if args:
cmd += args
......@@ -66,19 +65,18 @@ def _DiskTest(node, args):
def TestInstanceAddWithPlainDisk(node):
"""gnt-instance add -t plain"""
return _DiskTest(node, ['--disk-template=plain'])
return _DiskTest(node['primary'], 'plain')
def TestInstanceAddWithLocalMirrorDisk(node):
"""gnt-instance add -t local_raid1"""
return _DiskTest(node, ['--disk-template=local_raid1'])
return _DiskTest(node['primary'], 'local_raid1')
def TestInstanceAddWithRemoteRaidDisk(node, node2):
"""gnt-instance add -t remote_raid1"""
return _DiskTest(node,
'--secondary-node=%s' % node2['primary']])
return _DiskTest("%s:%s" % (node['primary'], node2['primary']),
def TestInstanceRemove(instance):
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