Commit 0c6c04ec authored by Iustin Pop's avatar Iustin Pop
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Change BlockDev.Remove() failure result

Currently, the Remove() methods of block devices return True/False.
This doesn't permit any error detail reporting.

This patch changes the return type to None for success, and raises
BlockDeviceError in case of failure. This permits the details to be
passed up the stack.

The patch also simplifies a little the Remove method of file-based
devices (no stat first, just try unlink).

Reviewed-by: ultrotter
parent e1bc0878
......@@ -1145,7 +1145,7 @@ def BlockdevRemove(disk):
if rdev is not None:
r_path = rdev.dev_path
result = rdev.Remove()
except errors.BlockDeviceError, err:
result = False
......@@ -368,14 +368,11 @@ class LogicalVolume(BlockDev):
if not self.minor and not self.Attach():
# the LV does not exist
return True
result = utils.RunCmd(["lvremove", "-f", "%s/%s" %
(self._vg_name, self._lv_name)])
if result.failed:
logging.error("Can't lvremove: %s - %s",
result.fail_reason, result.output)
return not result.failed
_ThrowError("Can't lvremove: %s - %s", result.fail_reason, result.output)
def Rename(self, new_id):
"""Rename this logical volume.
......@@ -506,7 +503,7 @@ class LogicalVolume(BlockDev):
# remove existing snapshot if found
snap = LogicalVolume((self._vg_name, snap_name), None)
pvs_info = self.GetPVInfo(self._vg_name)
if not pvs_info:
......@@ -1511,7 +1508,7 @@ class DRBD8(BaseDRBD):
"""Stub remove for DRBD devices.
return self.Shutdown()
def Create(cls, unique_id, children, size):
......@@ -1620,14 +1617,11 @@ class FileStorage(BlockDev):
@return: True if the removal was successful
if not os.path.exists(self.dev_path):
return True
return True
except OSError, err:
logging.error("Can't remove file '%s': %s", self.dev_path, err)
return False
if err.errno != errno.ENOENT:
_ThrowError("Can't remove file '%s': %s", self.dev_path, err)
def Attach(self):
"""Attach to an existing file.
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