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Add information about the recommended Xen settings

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<title>Xen settings</title>
It's recommended that dom0 is restricted to a low amount of
memory (<constant>512MiB</constant> is reasonable) and that
memory ballooning is disabled in the file
<filename>/etc/xen/xend-config.sxp</filename> by setting the
value <literal>dom0-min-mem</literal> to
<constant>0</constant>, like this:
<computeroutput>(dom0-min-mem 0)</computeroutput>
For optimum performance when running both CPU and I/O
intensive instances, it's also recommended that the dom0 is
restricted to one CPU only, for example by booting with the
kernel parameter <literal>nosmp</literal>.
Besides the balloning change which you need to set in
<filename>/etc/xen/xend-config.sxp</filename>, you need to
set the memory and nosmp parameters in the file
<filename>/boot/grub/menu.lst</filename>. You need to
modify the variable <literal>xenhopt</literal> to add
<userinput>dom0_mem=512M</userinput> like this:
## Xen hypervisor options to use with the default Xen boot option
# xenhopt=dom0_mem=512M
and the <literal>xenkopt</literal> needs to include the
<userinput>nosmp</userinput> option like this:
## Xen Linux kernel options to use with the default Xen boot option
# xenkopt=nosmp
Any existing parameters can be left in place: it's ok to
have <computeroutput>xenkopt=console=tty0
nosmp</computeroutput>, for example. After modifying the
files, you need to run:
<title>Selecting the instance kernel</title>
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