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Prepare 2.2.0~rc1 release

Update NEWS and version number.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMichael Hanselmann <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
parent 634a9a35
Version 2.2.0 rc1
*(Released Mon, 23 Aug 2010)*
- Support DRBD versions of the format "a.b.c.d"
- Updated manpages
- Re-introduce support for usage from multiple threads in RAPI client
- Instance renames and modify via RAPI
- Work around race condition between processing and archival in job
- Mark opcodes following failed one as failed, too
- Job field ``lock_status`` was removed due to difficulties making it
work with the changed job queue in Ganeti 2.2; a better way to monitor
locks is expected for a later 2.2.x release
- Fixed dry-run behaviour with many commands
- Support ``ssh-agent`` again when adding nodes
- Many additional bugfixes
Version 2.2.0 rc0
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
m4_define([gnt_version_major], [2])
m4_define([gnt_version_minor], [2])
m4_define([gnt_version_revision], [0])
m4_define([gnt_version_suffix], [~rc0])
m4_define([gnt_version_suffix], [~rc1])
gnt_version_major, gnt_version_minor,
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