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design-2.1: Update OS Flavours section

This reflects a discussion we had, according to which the full
"parameters" implementation is too heavy weight for 2.1, and we should
have a partial version for now, and decide again later.
Signed-off-by: default avatarGuido Trotter <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
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......@@ -229,8 +229,8 @@ regression as of today, because even if the OSes are left blind about this
information, sometimes they still need to make compromises and cannot satisfy
all possible parameter values.
OS Parameters
OS Flavours
Currently we are assisting to some degree of "os proliferation" just to change
a simple installation behavior. This means that the same OS gets installed on
......@@ -249,24 +249,30 @@ deboostrap-etch-server, debootstrap-etch-dev, debootrap-lenny-server,
debootstrap-lenny-dev, etc. Crossing more than two parameters quickly becomes
not manageable.
In order to avoid this we plan to make OSes more customizable, by allowing
arbitrary flags to be passed to them. These will be special "OS parameters"
which will be handled by Ganeti mostly as hypervisor or be parameters. This
slightly complicates the interface, but allows one OS (for example
"debootstrap" to be customizable and not require copies to perform different
Each OS will be able to declare which parameters it supports by listing them
one per line in a special "parameters" file in the OS dir. The parameters can
have a per-os cluster default, or be specified at instance creation time. They
will then be passed to the OS scripts as: INSTANCE_OS_PARAMETER_<NAME> with
their specified value. The only value checking that will be performed is that
the os parameter value is a string, with only "normal" characters in it.
It will be impossible to change parameters for an instance, except at reinstall
time. Upon reinstall with a different OS the parameters will be by default
discarded and reset to the default (or passed) values, unless a special
--keep-known-os-parameters flag is passed.
In order to avoid this we plan to make OSes more customizable, by allowing each
OS to declare a list of flavours which can be used to customize it. The
flavours list is mandatory for new API OSes and must contain at least one
supported flavour. When choosing the OS exactly one flavour will have to be
specified, and will be encoded in the os name as <OS-name>+<flavour>. As for
today it will be possible to change an instance's OS at creation or install
The 2.1 OS list will be the combination of each OS, plus its supported
flavours. This will cause the name name proliferation to remain, but at least
the internal OS code will be simplified to just parsing the passed flavour,
without the need for symlinks or code duplication.
Also we expect the OSes to declare only "interesting" flavours, but to accept
some non-declared ones which a user will be able to pass in by overriding the
checks ganeti does. This will be useful for allowing some variations to be used
without polluting the OS list (per-OS documentation should list all supported
flavours). If a flavour which is not internally supported is forced through,
the OS scripts should abort.
In the future (post 2.1) we may want to move to full fledged orthogonal
parameters for the OSes. In this case we envision the flavours to be moved
inside of Ganeti and be associated with lists parameter->values associations,
which will then be passed to the OS.
IAllocator changes
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