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    Rework the execution model in burnin · c723c163
    Iustin Pop authored
    This patch changes (significantly) the execution model in burnin:
      - for all runs, (almost) all instance mods in a single Burn* procedure
        are done as part of a job; so for example add disk, stop, remove
        disk, start are no longer done as separate jobs but as a single job
        consisting of four opcodes
      - for parallel runs, all Burn* procedures except the rename (which
        uses a single target name) run in parallel; before, only the
        creation was done in parallel
      - due to the single-job execution and also parallel execution, the
        logging messages are no longer happening synchronously with the
        execution, so they are more informative than an actual execution log
    The end result is that burnin now tests properly multi-opcode jobs and
    also tests all opcodes (except rename) for parallel execution.
    Note: On a test cluster, parallelization reduces burnin time from 23m to
    Reviewed-by: ultrotter
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