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    Rework master startup/shutdown/failover · b1b6ea87
    Iustin Pop authored
    This (big) patch reworks the master startup/shutdown and the fixes the
    master failover.
    What does the patch do?
    For master start/stop:
      - remove the old ganeti-master script and its associated man page
      - moves the ip start/stop directly into the backend.(Start|Stop)Master
      - adds start/stop of the master/rapi daemon into these functions,
        selectively based on the start/stop arguments
      - makes the master call via rpc StartMaster(start_daemons=False) to
        the local node so that the master IP is started
      - and finally changes the example init.d script to directly start and
        stop all three daemons, since they do the right thing (depending on
        master/not master role)
    For master failover:
      - moves the code from LUMasterFailover into bootstrap.MasterFailover,
        since we need to start/stop the master during this operation and
        thus it can't be executed from the master
      - removes the LUMasterFailover and its associated opcode
    Notes: ubuntu's /etc/ is dumb, so the messages 'not
    master' are not seen during startup on non-master nodes.
    Reviewed-by: ultrotter