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    DRBD: Fix another bug in diskless activation · ab6cc81c
    Iustin Pop authored
    DRBD8 requires that we pass ‘--create-device’ to the first command that
    wants to activate a new DRBD minor. We do this currently when we run the
    “drbdsetup ... disk” command which we run before the network setup.
    But if the LVs are missing, we skip the ‘disk’ subcommand and run only
    the ‘net’ one, so it might be that the activation fails because the
    minor we selected was never created in the first place.
    The patch adds the required parameter to the DRBD8._AssembleNet() call.
    Since it's a no-op for existing minors, it should not create any
    problems (tested and works both with configured and unconfigured
    Reviewed-by: ultrotter
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