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    Instance parameters: force typing · a5728081
    Guido Trotter authored
    We want all the hv/be parameters to have a known type, rather than a
    random mix of empty string, boolean values, and None, so we declare the
    type of each variable and we enforce/convert it.
    - Add some new constants for enforceable value types
    - Add new constants dicts HVS_PARAMETER_TYPES and BES_PARAMETER_TYPES
      holding not only the valid parameters but also their types
    - Drop the old HVS_PARAMETERS and BES_PARAMETERS constants and calculate
      the values from the type dict
    - Convert all the default parameters to a valid type value
    - Create a new ForceDictType utils function, to check/enforce a dict's
      element value types, with relevant unit tests
    - Drop a few custom functions to check/convert the BE param types in
      utils and cli, in favor of ForceDictType
    - Double-check the parameter types using ForceDictType in both scripts
      and LogicalUnits, when possible.
    As a bonus:
    - Remove some old commented-out code in gnt-instance
    - Remove some already fixed FIXME
    - Fix a bug which prevented VALUE_DEFAULT to be applied to BE parameters
      in SetInstanceParams because the value was checked for validity before
      that transformation was made
    - Fix a bug which prevented initing a cluster and passing hvparams to
      work at all
    - ForceDictType allows an allowed_values for exceptions, which makes us
      able to do the checking even when some values must not be
      converted/typechecked (for example the 'default' string in
    Reviewed-by: iustinp