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    Merge branch 'stable-2.10' into stable-2.11 · adcccd43
    Klaus Aehlig authored
    * stable-2.10
      Fix 'JobIdListOnly' type from 'List' to 'Map'
      Remove NEWS entry for 2.9.4
      Workaround for monitor bug related to greeting msg
      hotplug: Verify if a command succeeded or not
      hotplug: Call each qemu commmand with an own socat
      upgrade: start daemons after ensure-dirs
      upgrade design: ensure-dirs before starting daemons
      Fix network management section in admin.rst
      Adapt release date for 2.10.0-rc2
      Revision bump for 2.10.0-rc2
      Update NEWS file in preparation of 2.10.0rc2
      Add Network Management section in admin.rst
    * stable-2.9
      Revision bump for 2.9.4
      Set release date for 2.9.4
      Note UUID identification change in NEWS file
      Allow classic queries to use either names or UUIDs
      Document the change of noded's group in NEWS
      Make the LUInstanceCreate return node names, not UUIDs
      Document new handling of degraded instances in NEWS
      Gracefully handle degraded instances in verification
      Be aware of the degraded case when cleaning up an instance
      Document changes to file-based disks in NEW
      Preserve disk basename on instance rename
      Update NEWS file
      Modify test to reflect RAPI operation changes
      Add QA tests for RAPI multi-instance allocatio
      Fix multi-allocation RAPI method
      Assign unique filenames to filebased disks
    * stable-2.8
      Fix execution group of NodeD
    	NEWS: take both additions
    	configure.ac: ignore suffix bump
    	lib/cmdlib/instance_utils.py: manually apply
    	    845b7ed1 to stable-2.10 hunk
    	src/Ganeti/Query/Query.hs: take all exports
    	test/py/cmdlib/instance_unittest.py: take assertions
    	    from both branches for the respective storage
    Signed-off-by: default avatarKlaus Aehlig <aehlig@google.com>
    Reviewed-by: default avatarHelga Velroyen <helgav@google.com>
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