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    Rework ssh known-hosts handling. · 82122173
    Iustin Pop authored
    This changes:
      - cluster setup, we no longer edit /etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts but our
        own file
      - node add, we no longer remove root's known_hosts (twice)
      - gnt-instance console, both the LU and the script: since now the ssh
        setup is not standard, we need to build the ssh cmdline in the LU
        (instead of manually building it in the script) with the correct
        parameters and use the command line as returned in the script
      -, many changes, split options in module-level constants so
        that building the command line in different places is easier/more
      -, we no longer remove root's known_hosts in Add node, and
        we allow our own known_hosts file to be uploaded
    Reviewed-by: imsnah