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    Rework the daemonization sequence · 7d88772a
    Iustin Pop authored
    The current fork+close fds sequence has deficiencies which are hard to
    work around:
      - logging can start logging before we fork (e.g. if we need to emit
        messages related to master checking), and thus use FDs which we
        can't track nicely
      - the queue locks the queue file, and again this fd needs to be kept
        open which is hard from the main loop (and this error is currently
        hidden by the fact that we don't log it)
    Given the above, it's much simpler, in case we will fork later, to close
    file descriptors right at the beginning of the program, and in Daemonize
    only close/reopen the stdin/out/err fds.
    In addition, we also close() the handlers we remove in SetupLogging so
    that the cleanup is more thorough.
    Reviewed-by: imsnah
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