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    Merge remote branch 'devel-2.1' · 24cd3744
    Iustin Pop authored
    * devel-2.1: (40 commits)
      Fix unused imports or add silences where needed
      bdev: Add a TODO and a pylint silence
      confd: add a TODO and a pylint disable
      pylint: Temporarily disable W0201
      Disable R0922 in pylint
      Further pylint disables, mostly for Unused args
      pylint: disable the similarities checker
      LUDiagnoseOS._DiagnoseByOS: remove unused arg
      daemons: handle arguments correctly and uniformly
      hv_xen/_GetConfigFileDiskData: remove unused arg
      jqueue/_CheckRpcResult: log the whole operation
      Optparse extenders have to obey a given API
      backend._OSOndiskAPIVersion: remove obsolete arg
      pylint cleanups: dangerous initializers
      Convert to static methods (where appropriate)
      Remove more unused variables
      Add targeted pylint disables
      burnin: move decorators out of classes
      Rename an ConfdInotifyEventHandler init argument
      Introduce a makefile lint rule
    	daemons/ganeti-confd  - removed imports
    	daemons/ganeti-noded  - fixed new GenericMain