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    Distribute built documentation · 2ab2b9f5
    Iustin Pop authored
    This patch changes the way documentation is built in order to distribute
    the generated output in the 'dist' archive, and thus no longer
    requiring the presence of the docbook/rst toolchains during build time.
    This will lower the requirements for installation and also makes the
    build time insignificant.
    First, we remove the docbook2pdf rules and variables, since we no longer
    build this kind of docs. Furthermore, the rst source files are not
    (today) processed via replace_vars_sed, so the whole .in rules for doc/
    go away.
    Next, we change the ".sgml|.rst -> replace_vars_sed -> .in -> processor
    -> final file" processing to ".sgml|.rst -> generator -> .in ->
    replace_vars_sed -> final file"; this means we first process the file
    using the formatter, with the @VARIABLE@ entries in it, and save the
    output as .in; this output we distribute, and on the user side, the
    replace_vars_sed will use the new configure flags to transform the
    (almost final .in form) to the final form, without needing the
    In we also change from ERROR to WARN for the documentation
    generators, and extra tests in check that the programs have
    been found.
    This was tested with distcheck and works as expected.
    Reviewed-by: ultrotter