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    Make authentication lazy · db03f805
    Stavros Sachtouris authored
    Refs: #4300
    Authentication (a.k.a. POST /tokens) is performed only if needed, therefore a
    syntax query will not request for authentication.
    A new method is introduced in kamaki.cli: init_chached_authenticator. This
    method authenticated the resolved URL and TOKEN(s).
    Until now, this functionality was part of the _init_session method located at
    kamaki.cli entry point. Now, this method call has been pushed down.
    In case of an interactive shell, the method is called during the shell setup
    In case of a one_command, the method is called right before a new executable
    command is initialized. This also means that a non-executable command name
    space will not cause the execution of init_cached_authenticator.
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