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Firewall on Demand
Firewall on Demand applies, via Netconf, flow rules to a network
device. These rules are then propagated via e-bgp to peering routers.
Each user is authenticated against shibboleth. Authorization is
performed via a combination of a Shibboleth attribute and the peer
network address range that the user originates from. FoD is meant to
operate over this architecture:
+-----------+ +------------+ +------------+
| FoD | NETCONF | flowspec | ebgp | router |
| web app +----------> device +--------> |
+-----------+ +------+-----+ +------------+
| ebgp
| router |
| |
NETCONF is chosen as the mgmt protocol to apply rules to a single
flowspec capable device. Rules are then propagated via igbp to all
flowspec capable routers. Of course FoD could apply rules directly
(via NETCONF always) to a router and then ibgp would do the rest. In
GRNET's case the flowspec capable device is an EX4200.
Attention: Make sure your FoD server has ssh access to your flowspec device.
Installation Considerations
You can find the installation instructions for Debian Wheezy (64)
with Django 1.4.x at
If upgrading from a previous version bear in mind
the changes introduced in Django 1.4.
You can find more about FoD or raise your issues at GRNET FoD
You can contact us directly at noc{at}noc[dot]grnet(.)gr
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