Commit f20d15b0 authored by Giorgos Korfiatis's avatar Giorgos Korfiatis
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run with pythonw on Windows if not frozen

parent 2fd70aac
...@@ -683,7 +683,8 @@ def launch_server(callback, debug): ...@@ -683,7 +683,8 @@ def launch_server(callback, debug):
"""Launch the server in a separate process""" """Launch the server in a separate process"""'Start SessionHelper session')'Start SessionHelper session')
if utils.iswin(): if utils.iswin():
command = [callback] command = [] if ISFROZEN else ["pythonw.exe"]
if debug: if debug:
command.append('-d') command.append('-d')
command.append("start daemon") command.append("start daemon")
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