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# Agkyra
## Overview
This is a syncing client for object storage.
## Installation and Packaging
To install from source, run `` and follow instructions.
This will help you to install `agkyra` from source.
### Prerequisites
Copyright and license
You need to have Python 2.7 installed. If it is not provided by your
operating system, visit ``.
### Installation process
1. Run `python <platform>`. Paramater `platform` can be
one of `win64, win32, osx64, osx32, linux64, linux32`. This will
download `NW.js` and copy it into the source tree. It will also
copy SSL certificate from `certifi` package.
2. Run `python install` (or `develop`).
* Note that on Windows with Python >=2.7.9 this may fail with an SSL
verification error. If so, visit `` with Internet
Explorer. You will be prompted to accept the website's certificate. Do so
and then retry step 2.
### Packaging
A package for Windows, OSX and Linux, that fully contains dependencies and
the Python framework can be created with PyInstaller.
1. Run `pip install pyinstaller`.
* Note: On Linux, we currently need the development version of PyInstaller.
Get the code from ``. No
installation is needed: `` can directly run from the repo's
root directory.
* Note: On Windows, PyWin32 is a prerequisite. Visit
`` and pick the appropriate
version for your Python installation.
3. Run `pyinstaller agkyra.spec`. This will make the application under
`dist/agkyra` (and `dist/` under OSX).
## Copyright and license
Copyright (C) 2015 GRNET S.A.
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