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    Modify helper class to support multiple clients · c8e45554
    Stavros Sachtouris authored
    The class is renamed to "SessionHelper" and moved to
    "agkyra.protocol". It uses the session database to get information
    about the status of the protocol server.
    The session database is used to store the address and ui_id of the
    protocol server as well as a time stamp. The helper uses this
    information to resolve if the protocol server is active. If the
    server is active, the helper assumes there is a session running and
    allows the client to use the session credentials to connect to it.
    Otherwise, it generates new session credentials and offers the
    ability to start a protocol server.
    The GUI class is also modified to raise an assertion error if
    another GUI is already running. This is resolved by comparing the
    session information stored in the session file with the one
    provided by the helper. If they match, a GUI is running, otherwise
    a new GUI is launched.