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  • 7.x-1.0c-dev
    ef83f216 · 7.x-1.0c-dev ·
    Release 7.x-1.0c-dev

    fixes issue#1 1.1.Shows in plain view the user list that has access 1.2. If no user is specified with access in anonymous it displays error: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() στην webform_results_access_webform_access() (γραμμή 42 του /opt/lampp/htdocs/forms_minedu/sites/all/modules/drupal7_webform_results_access-master/webform_results_access.module).

    Note line 42 is :

    foreach ($node->field_webform_results_access['und'] as $i => $ref) { // User Reference if (isset($ref['uid']) && (($ref['uid'] == $account->uid))) { $access = true; break; }

  • 7.x-1.0b-dev
    5f96fbfb · Update README.md ·