Commit b847ef91 authored by Παναγιώτης Γεωργακόπουλος's avatar Παναγιώτης Γεωργακόπουλος
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Ubuntu Xenial preseed working update

parent 0a0f0ba0
menu hshift 13
menu width 49
menu margin 8
menu title Installer boot menu
include stdmenu.cfg
include txt.cfg
include gtk.cfg
menu begin advanced
menu title Advanced options
include stdmenu.cfg
label mainmenu
menu label ^Back..
menu exit
include adtxt.cfg
include adgtk.cfg
menu end
label help
menu label ^Help
text help
Display help screens; type 'menu' at boot prompt to return to this menu
config prompt.cfg
This diff is collapsed.
default install
label install
menu label ^Install Elementary Edition
kernel /install/vmlinuz
append file=/cdrom/preseed/testelementary.seed vga=788 initrd=/install/initrd.gz quiet ---
label hwe-install
menu label ^Install Ubuntu Server with the HWE kernel
kernel /install/hwe-vmlinuz
append file=/cdrom/preseed/hwe-ubuntu-server.seed vga=788 initrd=/install/hwe-initrd.gz quiet ---
label hd
menu label ^Boot from first hard disk
localboot 0x80
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