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    deploy: Fix GanetiDev component · 2935606f
    Dimitris Aragiorgis authored
    This component is supposed to clone a ganeti repo and setup
    a Ganeti QA cluster.
    We provide a qa-init.sh that installs all required packages (apt-get
    install and cabal install) and prepares the node for QA.
    We provide a configure-ganeti similar to the one the debian packages
    use so make install && /etc/init.d/ganeti restart will override
    the existing binaries.
    To install ganeti from source run on all nodes:
     # cd /srv/srv/ganeti
     # ./qa-init.sh
     # ./configure-ganeti
     # make && make install
     # cp doc/examples/ganeti.initd /etc/init.d/ganeti
     # /etc/init.d/ganeti restart
    To run the QA do:
     # cd /srv/src/ganeti/qa
     # PYTHONPATH=/srv/src/ganeti/ ./ganeti-qa.py --yes-do-it /root/qa-sample.json
    Signed-off-by: default avatarDimitris Aragiorgis <dimara@grnet.gr>
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