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    • Christos Stavrakakis's avatar
      cyclades: Fix some network management commands · 651382b9
      Christos Stavrakakis authored
      * Fix network-list to properly display networks. Add optionally
        'subnets' fields to display the IDs of all subnets
      * Fix network-modify to externally reserve the IPs in DB
      * Fix network-create to not require a name and subnet4 or subnet6
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    • Christos Stavrakakis's avatar
      cyclades: Refactor code relative to networks · 0263ea07
      Christos Stavrakakis authored
      Move code checks from network-create management command to
      Also create common decorator for management commands to convert api
      faults to command errors.
    • Christos Stavrakakis's avatar
      cyclades: Support IPv6 only networks · a0ad2412
      Christos Stavrakakis authored
      Make Cyclades support IPv6 only networks. Such networks will have
      the 'subnet' attribute set to None, in the same way that IPv4 only
      networks have the 'subnet6' attribute set to None.
      Because currently Ganeti does not support IPv6 only networks, we create the
      corresponding Ganeti network with a dummy IPv4 subnet( that will be
      never used, since Cyclades will connect instances to IPv6 networks with
      'address' attribute set to None.
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    • Christos Stavrakakis's avatar
      cyclades: Implement lazy networks · 8aff3951
      Christos Stavrakakis authored
      Implement "lazy networks", which are not created to all Ganeti backends
      upon creation, but only when an instance that resides in a Ganeti is
      connected to that network.
      Update 'create_network' to create the Network object in DB without
      creating network in Ganeti, or correspoding BackendNetwork entries. The
      state of the Network becomes 'ACTIVE' upon creation, instead of
      'PENDING' that was until now. Also, update 'delete_network' function to
      delete the network only from the backends that it is not in 'DELETED'
      state. The state of the network will become 'DELETED' only when all
      corresponding backend networks become 'DELETED' (including offline
      Extend code that connects a VM to a network to check if the network
      already exists and is in 'ACTIVE' state in the Ganeti backend that hosts
      the VM.  If not, it will create the network and then connect the VM
      (using Ganeti chained-jobs to ensure correct ordering of jobs).
      Update 'reconcile-networks' management command to work with lazy
      networks. Specifically, do not check if private networks exist in all
      Update 'network-add' management command to create the network in the
      Ganeti, only if a backend is specified.
      Finally, when using Ganeti chained-jobs to impose ordering of jobs, do
      not depend only on 'success' of a job, but also on 'error' and 'cancel'.
      This is needed to cover case that a job fails (e.g. create network)
      because the resource already exists.
    • Christos Stavrakakis's avatar
      cyclades: add commissioning to create/remove cmds · df89c0a7
      Christos Stavrakakis authored
      Update create/remove management commands to issue commission when
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    • Dimitris Aragiorgis's avatar
      Introduce network flavors to replace network types · 9bbc33bd
      Dimitris Aragiorgis authored
      Add tags and mode to network db model. Replace existing type with
      flavor. Introduce 4 different flavors. Each flavor has mode, link,
      mac_prefix, tags. Supported flavors are CUSTOM, IP_LESS_ROUTED,
      MAC_FILTERED, PHYSICAL_VLAN and are hardcoded in db models.
      Introduce new function that returns flavor's mode, link, mac_prefix,
      Introduce FIELD_POOL_MAP to map flavor fields to pool tables.
      Make snf-manage network-create command as flexible as possible. It is
      now able to create a network based on an existing flavor and overide
      defaults by passing mode, link, mac_prefix, tags option. Resource pools
      cannot be used by CUSTOM flavors. Currently MAC_FILTERED and
      PHYSICAL_VLAN use MacPrefixPoolTable for mac_prefix and BridgePoolTable
      for link accordingly and cannot be overriden.
      API blocks creation of public networks. Introduce new setting
      API_ENABLED_NETWORK_FLAVORS to indicate which flavors can the end-user
      use to create private networks.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarDimitris Aragiorgis <dimara@grnet.gr>
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