1. 06 Jun, 2013 1 commit
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      django-lib: API url patterns helper · af9d3dee
      Kostas Papadimitriou authored
      `snf_django.lib.api.urls.api_patterns` acts as django `patterns` method
      used commonly in urls modules. Using api_patterns to register urls will
      result all patterns to be exempted from csrf protection.
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      Prepare quotaholder calls for the new API · 58804d8b
      Giorgos Korfiatis authored
      - {accept, reject}_commission take a single serial
      - resolve_pending_commissions takes a set of serials to accept
        and a set of serials to reject
      - commission exceptions record the provision on which they are raised
        and additional details
      - issue_commission takes a new option `force': when True, the quotaholder
        will skip limit checks
  6. 05 Apr, 2013 5 commits
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      Turn holding into a counter · 36267008
      Giorgos Korfiatis authored
      The role of Holding is now only to keep track of usage against
      a limit. There is no more exporting of resources and thus no need
      for the stock counters.
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      Redesign quota holding · 92bc7295
      Giorgos Korfiatis authored
      A Holding now tracks the current usage (amount imported)
      and the amount available to export (stock).
      Counters come in pairs (imported_min, imported_max and
      stock_min, stock_max respectively) to allow for a two-step
      For example, issuing a commission to import some quantity
      increases imported_max. When accepting the commission,
      imported_min increases by the same quantity; at the same time
      the stock counters increase, too, since the quantity imported
      becomes available for re-export.
      This commissioning logic is factored out for clarity in file commission.py.
      Remove also quantity (initial supply) from Policy.
      This can be simulated by setting the holding counters to the desired value.
      Since capacity now represents the total capacity, care must be taken
      that it be no less than the initial supply set as suggested.
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      wip Remove import_limit and export_limit from policy · 7608c66c
      Giorgos Korfiatis authored
      If needed, they can be simulated by importing from special resources.
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      wip Remove Entity model · d99e79e2
      Giorgos Korfiatis authored
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      wip Remove dependency from commissioning · 83f3a357
      Giorgos Korfiatis authored
      Define exceptions locally
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