1. 01 Sep, 2014 8 commits
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      admin: Remove unused imports · 95692332
      Alex Pyrgiotis authored
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      admin: Show IP history only for floating IPs · ed208e75
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      By default, the IP log contains the history of all IPs, both floating
      and private. However, showing the IP history for private IPs has two
      serious drawbacks:
      1) Address class between floating-private IPs.
      There are cases when some floating IPs and public IPs have the same
      address name. In this case, it is not easy to the history only for the
      private or floating IP, since the IP type is not registered in the log.
      What's registered however is a network id from which we can extract this
      information. However, this means that in order to get details for an IP,
      we need to have its latest network ID, which may not be available for
      old entries in the IP log and further complicates things.
      2) Private IPs are one-use only.
      A private IP cannot be detached from a VM and be given in another VM, at
      least not in the same way as floating IPs are detached. A private IP
      lives as long as a VM is connected to a private network, and then gets
      destroyed. This info is not very useful.
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      admin: Unify filters · 6f477b9b
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      Unify filters for a model field. Each table view has a list of filters,
      one for each associated model. Every filter by default receives a list
      of keywords and filters the respective model using a predefined set of
      The user can override the default fields and define its own using the
      operator "=".
      For example, in a User filter, the query "John" will search by default
      in the following fields: first_name, last_name, uuid. On the other hand,
      the query "first_name=John" will search only in the field specified at
      the left of the "=" operator.
      Fix apyrgio/synnefo#179
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      admin: Fix ID filters · 2962188b
      Alex Pyrgiotis authored
      Fix bugs in filters due to earlier (0.5.3-3) django-filter version.
      The main issue was that django-filter could not handle inherited fields.
      Fix apyrgio/synnefo#202
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      admin: Update VM ID filter · 93575197
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      Make the filter handle the server prefix, if given.
      Fix apyrgio/synnefo#138
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      admin: Update project filters · f0e7ebed
      Alex Pyrgiotis authored
      Enable filtering by project/application status or by "is_base"
      Fix apyrgio/synnefo#75 and also fix apyrgio/synnefo#95.
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      admin: Refactor code structure · 10197fdb
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      The current code structure was leading to circular imports of the files
      that are responsible for each entity. To solve this, we must break each
      of those files to smaller pieces.
      The pieces that each of the files are broken into are:
      * views: The functions that implement the views for each entity.
      * actions: The functions that have to do with the actions on each
      * filters: The functions that have to do with filtering.
      * utils: Auxiliary functions.
      With the new structure, the users' views can import the vms' actions and
      the vms' views can import the users' actions without worrying about
      circular imports.