1. 01 Sep, 2014 12 commits
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      admin: Remove unused imports · 95692332
      Alex Pyrgiotis authored
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      admin: Add corresponding VM in IP info · ec95628a
      Alex Pyrgiotis authored
      Show in summary and details the VM that an IP is attached to.
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      admin: Show email/name properly · 0609b4d1
      Alex Pyrgiotis authored
      Fix apyrgio/synnefo#254
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      admin: Change the 404 messages for IPs · ee250862
      Alex Pyrgiotis authored
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      admin: Use AdminHttp404 in any view necessary · 2ad45f89
      Alex Pyrgiotis authored
      Replace Http404 exception with AdminHttp404 exception in most of the
      views. Also, write a descriptive message in each exception that will be
      shown in 404 page.
      Fix apyrgio/synnefo#242
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      admin: Protect snf-admin-app from XSS attacks · 2751179b
      Alex Pyrgiotis authored
      The admin app has three kinds of views: detail views, table views and
      * The detail views should typically be protected from XSS attacks,
        except for some edge cases which are shown here [1].
      * The chart views should most probably be protected from XSS attacks,
        due to the fact that they are rendered as SVG and we don't show user
        input (except for one chart which has been sanitized)
      * The list view on the other hand is easily exploitable. To fix this, we
        have created a base DataTablesView class that escapes each table row
        by default. Also, we escape each extra data that has originated from
        user input separately.
      Fix apyrgio/synnefo#190
      [1] https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.4/topics/security/#cross-site-scripting-xss-protection
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      admin: Show user email in details href · baa8254f
      Alex Pyrgiotis authored
      Fix apyrgio/synnefo#163
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      admin: Add IP History as list view · dc325c62
      Alex Pyrgiotis authored
      Add a list view with filters for IP History.
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      admin: Add IP log in item associations · c490c236
      Alex Pyrgiotis authored
      The IPAddressLog model is associated with the following models:
      * VirtualMachine
      * Network
      * IPAdress
      Given that VMs have a 1:1 association with users, this means that the IP
      log is also associated with users.
      Using this information, we can show a customised IP log in the details
      view of each of the above models:
      * Users: we will show the IPs that they have allocated.
      * VMs: we will show the IPs that have been attached to them.
      * Networks: we will show the IPs that have belonged at some point to a
      * IPs: We will show to which servers and networks an IP has been
      Every log entry, regardless of where it's shown, will have the
      following info:
      * IP address,
      * VM
      * Network
      * User
      * Active indication (if the IP is still has not been detached)
      * Date of attachment to the server
      * Date of release.
      All log entries will be shown in chronological order and will point to
      the respective associated items.
      Fix apyrgio/synnefo#133.
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      admin: Link to associated item in table summary · a4915566
      Alex Pyrgiotis authored
      When an associated item is shown in the summary of an item, add a link
      to its details page.
      Fix apyrgio/synnefo#140
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      admin: Rename "Contact mail" to "Contact email" · db95bb77
      Alex Pyrgiotis authored
      Fix apyrgio/synnefo#137
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      admin: Refactor code structure · 10197fdb
      Alex Pyrgiotis authored
      The current code structure was leading to circular imports of the files
      that are responsible for each entity. To solve this, we must break each
      of those files to smaller pieces.
      The pieces that each of the files are broken into are:
      * views: The functions that implement the views for each entity.
      * actions: The functions that have to do with the actions on each
      * filters: The functions that have to do with filtering.
      * utils: Auxiliary functions.
      With the new structure, the users' views can import the vms' actions and
      the vms' views can import the users' actions without worrying about
      circular imports.
  2. 14 Apr, 2014 1 commit
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      Switch license to GPLv3 · 02071b96
      Vangelis Koukis authored
      According to the decision of the GRNET Board of Directors,
      switch license to GPLv3.
      This commit will be propagated to the release
      and master branches based on git flow, and the next
      release will be licensed as GPLv3.
  3. 01 Oct, 2013 1 commit
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      Request Django=>1.4, <1.5 · f8082d99
      Christos Stavrakakis authored
      Drop support for Django 1.2. Remove compatibility code that were used in
      order to support Django 1.2 and 1.4. Finally update django documentation
      link in the docs.
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  7. 02 May, 2013 1 commit
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      cyclades ui: Expose and use the new astakos quota api · 88da7a1c
      Kostas Papadimitriou authored
      - Removed /userdata/quota view in respect of astakos quotas api delegate
        views served in the same urls used by astakos api (/astakos/api/quotas,
        /astakos/api/resources). Base url is configurable using the
        UI_ACCOUNTS_API_URL (defaults to /astakos/api).
      - Refactored quotas js client to use backbone Collection/Model
      - Refresh quotas using the common api update mechanism used by vms and
        networks (deprecated UI_QUOTAS_UPDATE_INTERVAL setting)
      - Extended main view initialization steps to include quotas/resources
        loading before the initial layout renedring
  8. 27 Mar, 2013 1 commit
  9. 07 Nov, 2012 1 commit
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      UI quota limit handling · 2236bb7c
      Kostas Papadimitriou authored
      ui inititalization process now includes a call to the introduced
      `ui.views.userquota` view which returns a json representation of available user
      quota limits. Quota information is used across ui to prevent user from the
      effort of trying to allocate additional resources.
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  19. 11 Oct, 2011 1 commit
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      Reorganize UI static files · 3897cce2
      Kostas Papadimitriou authored
      - Moved ui/invitations app static files on their own dir
      - Reorganized static directories based on asset type (css,js,images)
      - Dynamic/configurable static files urls
      - Version symlink added
      - Other minor static files related changes
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