1. 22 Nov, 2013 9 commits
  2. 21 Nov, 2013 28 commits
  3. 20 Nov, 2013 3 commits
    • Christos Stavrakakis's avatar
      cyclades: Delete stale NICs before migration · 1bce4de3
      Christos Stavrakakis authored
      Extend migration file to delete NICs that belong to VMs that have
      already been deleted. Such NICs may exist due to a bug in previous versions
      of Synnefo, and are totally useless. Also, they must be removed because
      they will appear as stale ports in the new network API.
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      cyclades: Fix bugs relative with quotas · 87987d11
      Christos Stavrakakis authored
      * Reject previous unaccepted serials if action is 'DESTROY'. This is
        required because multiple DESTROY actions may be pending for the same
        resource (e.g. VM). The one who succeeds will be accepted, while all
        others will be rejected. This isn't optimal since it causes circular
        issuing and rejection of commissions and should be fixed in a better
      * Update dispatcher to handle commissions before updating the state of
        the VM, since if a new commission will be issued, this commission will
        depend on the state of the VM.
    • Christos Stavrakakis's avatar
      cyclades: Update firewall_profile field to None · 9411bce4
      Christos Stavrakakis authored
      Migration value of 'firewall_profile' attribute from '' to None.