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      cyclades: Fix wait-for-sync on stopped instances · 30fd1f7f
      Christos Stavrakakis authored
      Pass 'wait_for_sync' option only on started Ganeti instances, because Ganeti
      will fail with 'OpPrereqError' in case the 'wait_for_sync' is set to
      False and the instance has deactivated disks.
      Note that Cyclades will not let a user neither attach a volume to an instance
      that is is in transition state, e.g. stopping, nor change the state of
      an instance if there is a pending volume attachment. However, in case
      the administrator manually modifies the instance via Ganeti, there is a
      race between checking the state of the instance and the time that Ganeti
      job will run that cannot be prevented.
      Closes grnet/synnefo#314
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