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Started networking testcases

parent c945665c
......@@ -567,6 +567,41 @@ class SpawnServerTestCase(unittest.TestCase):
self.assertNotIn(self.serverid, [s["id"] for s in servers])
class NetworksTestCase(unittest.TestCase):
""" Testing networking in cyclades """
def setUpClass(cls):
"Initialize kamaki, get list of current networks"
conf = Config()
conf.set('compute_token', TOKEN)
cls.client = CycladesClient(conf)
#TODO: Create servers, insist until ACTIVE
#cls.serverid =
def test_001_create_network():
"""Test submit create network request"""
network = self.client.create_network(name)
self.assertEqual(network['name'], name)
# Update class attributes to reflect data on new network
cls = type(self)
cls.networkid = network['id']
def test_002_connect_to_network():
"""Test VM to network connection"""
self.client.connect_server(self.serverid, self.networkid)
def test_003_disconnect_from_network():
self.client.disconnect_server(self.serverid, self.networkid)
def test_004_destroy_network():
"""Test submit delete network request"""
class TestRunnerProcess(Process):
"""A distinct process used to execute part of the tests in parallel"""
def __init__(self, **kw):
......@@ -779,7 +814,7 @@ def parse_arguments(args):
opts.force_imageid = str(opts.force_imageid)
except ValueError:
print >>sys.stderr, "Invalid value specified for --image-id." \
"Use a numeric id, or `all'."
"Use a valid id, or `all'."
return (opts, args)
......@@ -816,11 +851,14 @@ def main():
DFLAVORS = c.list_flavors(detail=True)
# FIXME: logging, log, LOG PID, TEST_RUN_ID, arguments
# FIXME: Network testing? Create, destroy, connect, ping, disconnect VMs?
# Run them: FIXME: In parallel, FAILEARLY, catchbreak?
#unittest.main(verbosity=2, catchbreak=True)
test_images = filter(lambda x: x["id"] == opts.force_imageid, DIMAGES)
if opts.force_imageid == 'all':
test_images = DIMAGES
test_images = filter(lambda x: x["id"] == opts.force_imageid, DIMAGES)
for image in test_images:
imageid = str(image["id"])
flavorid = choice([f["id"] for f in DFLAVORS if f["disk"] >= 20])
......@@ -828,9 +866,9 @@ def main():
personality = None # FIXME
servername = "%s%s for %s" % (SNF_TEST_PREFIX, TEST_RUN_ID, imagename)
is_windows = imagename.lower().find("windows") >= 0
case = _spawn_server_test_case(imageid=imageid, flavorid=flavorid,
ServerTestCase = _spawn_server_test_case(imageid=imageid, flavorid=flavorid,
......@@ -839,12 +877,12 @@ def main():
seq_cases = [UnauthorizedTestCase, FlavorsTestCase, ImagesTestCase, case]
#Running all the testcases sequentially
seq_cases = [UnauthorizedTestCase, FlavorsTestCase, ImagesTestCase, ServerTestCase, NetworkTestCase]
for case in seq_cases:
suite = unittest.TestLoader().loadTestsFromTestCase(case)
# # The Following cases run sequentially
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