Commit fec55650 authored by Kostas Papadimitriou's avatar Kostas Papadimitriou
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django-lib: Exempt api_method views from csrf

parent 45b93b41
......@@ -41,6 +41,7 @@ from django.http import HttpResponse
from django.utils import cache
from django.utils import simplejson as json
from django.template.loader import render_to_string
from django.views.decorators import csrf
from astakosclient import AstakosClient
from astakosclient.errors import AstakosClientException
......@@ -118,7 +119,7 @@ def api_method(http_method=None, token_required=True, user_required=True,
logger.exception("Unexpected ERROR")
fault = faults.InternalServerError("Unexpected error")
return render_fault(request, fault)
return wrapper
return csrf.csrf_exempt(wrapper)
return decorator
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