Commit fceaf461 authored by Giorgos Korfiatis's avatar Giorgos Korfiatis
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wip Remove check is_active on projects and memberships

Remove second phase of (de)activation, not needed any more,
since syncing to quotaholder will happen in the same transaction
as the call initiating the syncing.
parent 252c86bb
......@@ -812,7 +812,7 @@ def users_quotas(users, initial=None):
quotas = copy.deepcopy(initial)
objs = ProjectMembership.objects.select_related('application', 'person')
memberships = objs.filter(person__in=users, is_active=True)
memberships = objs.filter(person__in=users)
apps = set(m.application for m in memberships if m.application is not None)
objs = ProjectResourceGrant.objects.select_related()
......@@ -824,9 +824,7 @@ def users_quotas(users, initial=None):
application = membership.application
if application is None:
m = _("missing application for active membership %s"
% (membership,))
raise AssertionError(m)
for grant in grants:
if grant.project_application_id !=
......@@ -1849,24 +1847,13 @@ class ProjectManager(ForUpdateManager):
q = ~self.model.Q_TERMINATED
return self.filter(q)
def terminating_projects(self):
q = self.model.Q_TERMINATED & Q(is_active=True)
return self.filter(q)
def deactivated_projects(self):
q = self.model.Q_DEACTIVATED
return self.filter(q)
def deactivating_projects(self):
q = self.model.Q_DEACTIVATED & Q(is_active=True)
return self.filter(q)
def modified_projects(self):
return self.filter(is_modified=True)
def reactivating_projects(self):
return self.filter(state=Project.APPROVED, is_active=False)
def expired_projects(self):
q = (~Q(state=Project.TERMINATED) &
......@@ -1941,17 +1928,6 @@ class Project(models.Model):
def state_display(self):
return self.STATE_DISPLAY.get(self.state, _('Unknown'))
def admin_state_display(self):
s = self.state_display()
if self.sync_pending():
s += ' (sync pending)'
return s
def sync_pending(self):
if self.state != self.APPROVED:
return self.is_active
return not self.is_active or self.is_modified
def expiration_info(self):
return (str(,, self.state_display(),
......@@ -1962,47 +1938,24 @@ class Project(models.Model):
return self.state != self.APPROVED
def is_deactivating(self, reason=None):
if not self.is_active:
return False
return self.is_deactivated(reason)
def is_deactivated_strict(self, reason=None):
if self.is_active:
return False
return self.is_deactivated(reason)
### Deactivation calls
def unset_modified(self):
self.is_modified = False
def deactivate(self):
self.deactivation_date =
self.is_active = False
def reactivate(self):
self.deactivation_date = None
self.is_active = True
def terminate(self):
self.deactivation_reason = 'TERMINATED'
self.deactivation_date =
self.state = self.TERMINATED = None
def suspend(self):
self.deactivation_reason = 'SUSPENDED'
self.deactivation_date =
self.state = self.SUSPENDED
def resume(self):
self.deactivation_reason = None
self.deactivation_date = None
self.state = self.APPROVED
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