Commit fb08b210 authored by Christos Stavrakakis's avatar Christos Stavrakakis
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deploy: Do not import services twice

Commit 65c656c resulted in double importing services, since this
was already fixed in commmit 3c62626.
parent 44f86de2
......@@ -543,19 +543,6 @@ def astakos_register_components():
""".format(env.env.cms.fqdn, cyclades_base_url,
pithos_base_url, astakos_base_url)
import_service("astakos", astakos_base_url)
import_service("pithos", pithos_base_url)
import_service("cyclades", cyclades_base_url)
cmd = """
snf-manage resource-modify --limit 40G pithos.diskspace
snf-manage resource-modify --limit 2 astakos.pending_app
snf-manage resource-modify --limit 4 cyclades.vm
snf-manage resource-modify --limit 40G cyclades.disk
snf-manage resource-modify --limit 8G cyclades.ram
snf-manage resource-modify --limit 16 cyclades.cpu
snf-manage resource-modify --limit 4
......@@ -631,11 +618,6 @@ EOF
def import_service(service, base_url):
try_run("snf-service-export %s %s | snf-manage service-import --json -" %
(service, base_url))
def get_service_details(service="pithos"):
debug(, " * Getting registered details for %s service..." % service)
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