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Document resource and quota changes

Update Changelog and upgrade notes.
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......@@ -49,6 +49,21 @@ Astakos
Re-registration with `snf-component-register' affects both the base and
the ui URL.
* Changes in resource and quota handling:
* New resources are registered with unlimited default base quota,
represented by 2**63-1.
* Each newly accepted user copies the default value for all resources
as their own base quota. A base quota is considered 'custom' if its
value differs from the default.
* Changing resource's default quota affects the base quota *only* of
future users.
* Resource definition got flags 'api_visible' and 'ui_visible',
replacing flag 'allow_in_projects'. They control whether a user can
access these resources. The system internally always accounts for
all resources, and a user can get off quota even for a resource that
is not visible.
* Remove API call GET /account/v1.0/authenticate in favor of
POST /identity/v2.0/tokens.
......@@ -61,8 +76,17 @@ Astakos
* Management commands:
* Introduced new commands:
* component-show
* quota-list (replacing quota, supports various filters)
* quota-verify (replacing quota)
* Changed commands:
* component-add got options --base-url and --ui-url
* resource-modify --limit became --default-quota
* user-modify can operate on multiple users with --all and --exclude
* user-modify --set-base-quota became --base-quota
* Removed commands:
* quota
* resource-import (subsumed by service-import)
* resource-export-astakos (subsumed by service-export-astakos)
......@@ -110,6 +134,9 @@ Cyclades
to the Astakos groups that are defined in the 'ADMIN_STATS_PERMITTED_GROUPS'
setting. Statistics are also availble from 'snf-manage stats-cyclades'
management command.
* Support enforcing quota through command 'enforce-resources-cyclades'.
* Remove command 'resource-export-cyclades' subsumed by
......@@ -119,6 +146,8 @@ objects by domain attribute. This is used by Plankton for listing VM images.
* Enforce container-level atomicity in (most) Pithos API calls.
* Remove command 'resource-export-pithos' subsumed by 'service-export-pithos'.
.. _Changelog-0.14.10:
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ The upgrade to v0.15 consists in the following steps:
2. Upgrade packages, migrate the databases and configure settings.
3. Re-register components and services in astakos.
3. Register services and resources.
4. Bring up all services.
......@@ -119,11 +119,14 @@ setting will have the value of
For Pithos service we have to change the ``20-snf-pithos-app-settings.conf``
file in the same way as above.
3. Re-register components and services in astakos
3. Register services and resources
Component registration has changed; you will thus need to repeat the
process. On the astakos node, run::
3.1 Re-register service and resource definitions
You will need to register again all Synnefo components, updating the
service and resource definitions. On the astakos node, run::
astakos-host$ snf-component-register
......@@ -131,6 +134,66 @@ This will detect that the Synnefo components are already registered and ask
to re-register. Answer positively. You need to enter the base URL and the UI
URL for each component, just like during the initial registration.
.. note::
You can run ``snf-manage component-list -o name,ui_url`` to inspect the
current registered UI URL. In the default installation, the base URL can
be found by stripping ``/ui`` from the UI URL.
The meaning of resources ``cyclades.cpu`` and ``cyclades.ram`` has changed:
they now denote the number of CPUs and, respectively, RAM of *active* VMs
rather than all VMs. To represent total CPUs and total RAM, as previously,
new resources ``cyclades.total_cpu`` and ``cyclades.total_ram`` are
introduced. We now also control the usage of floating IPs through resource
3.2 Tweek resource settings
New resources (``cyclades.total_cpu``, ``cyclades.total_ram``, and
``cyclades.floating_ip``) are registered with infinite default base quota.
You will probably need to restrict them, especially
``cyclades.floating_ip``. In order to change the default for all *future*
users, for instance restricting floating IPs to 2, run::
astakos-host$ snf-manage resource-modify cyclades.floating_ip --default-quota 2
Note that this command does not affect *existing* users any more. They can
still have infinite floating IPs. You can update base quota of existing
users in bulk, possibly excluding some users, with::
astakos-host$ snf-manage user-modify --all --base-quota cyclades.floating_ip 2 --exclude uuid1,uuid2
.. note::
You can inspect base quota with ``snf-manage quota-list`` before applying
any changes, for example::
# Get users with cyclades.vm base quota that differ from the default value
astakos-host$ snf-manage quota-list --with-custom=True --filter-by "resource=cyclades.vm"
# Get users with cyclades.vm base quota greater than 3
astakos-host$ snf-manage quota-list --filter-by "resource=cyclades.vm,base_quota>3"
It is now possible to control whether a resource is visible for the users
through the API or the UI. Note that the system always checks resource
quota, regardless of their visibility. By default, ``cyclades.total_cpu``,
``cyclades.total_ram`` and ``astakos.pending_app`` are not visible. You can
change this behavior with::
astakos-host$ snf-manage resource-modify <resource> --api-visible=True (or --ui-visible=True)
3.3 Update the Quotaholder
To update quota for all new or modified Cyclades resources, bring up Astakos::
astakos-host$ service gunicorn start
and run on the Cyclades node::
cyclades-host$ snf-manage reconcile-resources-cyclades --fix --force
4. Bring all services up
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