Commit f3368048 authored by Ilias Tsitsimpis's avatar Ilias Tsitsimpis Committed by Christos Stavrakakis
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ci: Use -c as sort version of --conf

Follow kamaki convention where -c should mean --conf
and not --cloud.
parent a256f142
......@@ -52,9 +52,9 @@ command:
def main(): # Too many branches. pylint: disable-msg=R0912
"""Parse command line options and run the specified actions"""
parser = OptionParser(usage=USAGE)
parser.add_option("--conf", dest="config_file", default=None,
parser.add_option("-c", "--conf", dest="config_file", default=None,
help="Configuration file for SynnefoCI script")
parser.add_option("-c", "--cloud", dest="kamaki_cloud", default=None,
parser.add_option("--cloud", dest="kamaki_cloud", default=None,
help="Use specified cloud, as is in .kamakirc")
parser.add_option("-f", "--flavor", dest="flavor", default=None,
help="Name of flavor to use for the server.")
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